Great Glasgow Architecture



Hello all!

I am starting this blog to document my quest to visit each of Glasgow’s Grade A Listed Buildings, of which there are 282.

In the process of doing so I’ll photograph each one meaning that I can update the already existing Wikipedia page (, do some research into the history of each of them such as the architect involved, reason for construction etc and I’ll populate a Google Map with locational data so that it is nice and easy for anyone else to go and check them out for themselves.

Whilst I’ve already visited a significant number of the buildings on the list I will specifically revisit each one for the purpose of the blog. The rules I’ve set myself are that a building can be ticked off the list after the photographs, research, map location and blog post are in the bag. None of this walking past it and claiming I’ve been there nonsense! Where access can be gained to the interior it should be, however many are non-public buildings where this can’t be achieved, therefore that doesn’t make the list of rules cut.

I’ve got some ideas of where else this could possibly go, but before I get too carried away I should start ticking some buildings off shouldn’t I!

Hope you enjoy following the progress and hopefully there is plenty of it!