Hello all!

An update on progress thus far…

In order to get going on my quest (< perhaps a more dramatic word than is merited!) I’ve set up about gathering the data required and begun organising it into a useful form. Rather handily, Historic Scotland have a list of A-listed buildings and their addresses that can be downloaded. This original CSV file forms the basis for “The List” and I have also begun developing a more detailed spreadsheet with values such as: architect, completion date, area, listing info etc to allow for analysis of the data at a later date. This will allow me to look at questions such as ‘what architects are responsible the highest proportion of Glasgow’s great buildings?’ ‘what decade saw the completion of most of Glasgow’s listed buildings?’ ‘which areas have retained a higher proportion of the built heritage and how has this impacted the area?’ and so on.

I have also begun population a custom Google Map that shows the location of each of the buildings and will indicate whether or not I have visited them yet, which can be seen here. So far I have got through the first 50 of the 282 on Historic Scotland’s list and I am hoping to get to the halfway point over the weekend. I am already seeing some interesting patterns developing and finding out about architects who are by no means household names but have played a significant part in shaping this beautiful city.

I’ll be focussing on completing the gathering stage first before I move on to hunting down buildings, more updates to follow!



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