Rejoice, the map is complete!

Well, sort of… When I reached the end of my list there were 281 markers despite there being 282 buildings on the list. But don’t fret, I’ll be working through the spreadsheet as well as the map so the mystery of the missing building will be solved eventually!

In working through locating each of the buildings I was pleased to note that I was familiar with a significant amount of them and on an average day walk past around 30 of them, including working in one!

I also realised that there were some buildings that I had assumed would be A-listed that aren’t, the Mitchell Library being the most significant example. As a result I have expanded my brief to myself to include looking at buildings that should (in my opinion) be A-listed, overlooked civic buildings, important typologies such as Victorian primary schools which are neglected in the list, and examples of work by important and under-appreciated architects in the city.

I’m excited at the prospect of getting to know these buildings and their makers better, as well as learning more about the styles and symbolism employed in the city’s architecture.

So now that the gathering is complete, it’s time to hunt!



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